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Inside Out with Turner and Seth (wTnS) Podcast.

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    Great PeaTAUK

    A special episode featuring the music of Great Peacock and TAUK.

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    Episode 65: Salmon Dusters

    Seth and Rob welcome new sponsor Ben and Jerry's, and announce their new "It's Ice......Cream" flavor which was produced together with Phish and The Waterwheel Foundation. The hosts then set the context for this "hybrid" interview/performance episode which was conducted before the Leftover Salmon/Infamous Stringdusters/Horseshoes and Hand Grenades delivered a memorably mammoth Atlanta show. All of the music from this episode (aside from the two songs this quartet played after the interview) was recorded that night (9.21.18) and is available at Drew Emmitt and Andy Thorn of Salmon, as well as Andy Hall and Travis Book of the Stringdusters sat down with Rob and Seth all at once. The discussion started with a "compare and contrast" view of each group's most recent releases and the similar and different ways each approached composing and recording the songs. It is revealed that each of these bands is so cohesive at this point that they are able to focus their creative energy appropriately and decisions are made naturally. The Stringdusters pair is very forthcoming about what an inspiration Leftover Salmon was, and remains to be to them, and other trad/jamband groups. They also elaborate on the "vibe'y" and bizarre house at which they stayed in King of Prussia, PA while recording their forthcoming Stringdusters record. We get specific descriptions of, and stories about the genesis of the Infamous Stringdusters in Boston, and North Carolina - where Thorn as well as John Stickley factored in considerably...and onto Colorado. Finally, we learn about how Andy Thorn found himself first in Emmitt/Nershi Band, and then in Leftover Salmon whom he had seen many times. Bennie "Burle" Galloway is discussed and we learn how each musician gained some songwriting insight from Burle, and we even get examples of some of the unique ways he puts songs together. Each musician tells their nightmare gig story, and then the band performs as what we are calling the "SalmonDusters Quartet." The songs performed are "Blue Yodel #4" by Bill Monroe and Galloway's "How Far I'd Fall For You." The hosts then close the show first with a discussion about how happy they are that Mike Finoia and his Amigos Podcast have each joined the Osiris Family. They also fill the listeners in on a few other things including the David Byrne show they each saw at Atlanta's Fox Theater and Rob's experience at one of Neil Young's Capitol Theater gigs. The episode ends with a soundboard recording of the Colonel Bruce Hampton Tribute encore the night of this interview. Jeff Mosier and all of the members of Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades and Infamous Stringdusters on stage Leftover Salmon and performing "Little Georgia Rose" and "Workin' On A Building" and Vince Herman referencing, "Cheese Frog."

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    Osiris Interview Series - Matt Butler

    In part of wTnS's Electric Forest festival coverage for the Osiris Podcast Network, Rob and Seth sit down for a look into the world of Matt Butler and his Everyone Orchestra!

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    Episode 64: Uilses Bella and Justin Poree of Ozomotli

    A discussion about Ozomatli's Embrace The Chaos leads hosts Seth and Rob to relate some of their memories of the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy as this excellent record was released on this day. Social media recently revealed that Ozomatli performances in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 served as vital and joyous therapy for many who attended. Seth's son Darral joins for the first part of the interview with Ulises Bella and Justin Poree of Ozomatli, as the band had just finished the most recent Atlanta "Ozokidz" performance. Darral lends a child's perspective with his questions about this widely celebrated, audience participation-heavy series. The band's bassist, and self-proclaimed Darral fan Wil-Dog Abers also joins in the fun spontaneously to field a couple of questions. We learn not only about the revelry that goes on with regard to these events, but also how Ozokidz is in part a reflection of the band's genesis in music education and outreach programs in southern California public schools. The main portion of the interview begins with a discussion of the band's most recent release, Non-Stop: Mexico to Jamaica. We learn how the band decided to take classic and/or traditional Mexican songs and adorn them with roots'y vibes and Jamaican rhythms, and how they ended up working with Sly and Robbie. The chat makes its way to other musical artists, particularly Los Lobos, Santana, Rage Against The Machine and Ghostland Observatory, The band's frightening experiences at the 2000 Democratic National Convention, and another time when members were arrested in Austin are also each covered, as is their love for, and association with the Los Angeles Dodgers. The conversation even floats into the realm of politics for a bit, and how the band's is often inaccurately reduced to being nothing more than a, "political band."

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    Checking In w/ Jennifer Hartswick

    A very special episode featuring a quick Check In w/ Jennifer Hartswisk and an exclusive first listen to a track off her new album Nexus. This is the latest solo release from the Trey Anastasio Band trumpeter/vocalist and features contributions from 6-time Grammy Award-winning jazz bassist Christian McBride as well as longtime musical partner Nick Cassarino (The Nth Power).

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    Episode 63: Mimi Naja of Fruition

    Seth and Rob sit down with Mimi Naja of Fruition at the Electric Forest Festival in Michigan and initially talk about what it's like to be playing traditional instruments at a primarily electronic music festival. Mimi ends up explaining the thinking behind the band's decision to bring into the studio the rock feel of their live shows and their decision to go with producer Tucker Martine. Martine taught the band many things, helped them add layers to their sound and he is the chief reason that Mimi decided to play some baritone guitar on the record. The result is by far their greatest record to day, "Watching It All Fall Apart." The trio also discuss how the band's breakup songs contain elements of hope and accountability. We hear a bit about Mimi's days as a Georgia youth and explains her decision to leave Georgia and go to school in Portland. She would leave school and then clicking with a group of musicians while playing Marley and Sublime tunes. These folks would end up becoming Fruition. We learn about the band's the early days, and some of the antics that went on as the band grew (like "song-bombing" Vince Herman). She also talks about how she used to leave pronouns out of her songwriting because of all of the homophobia in the world, but that she has more recently eschewed this approach and been forthcoming with her sexuality. Mimi also explains specific reasons why Atlanta-based musician Janelle Monelle is an inspiration to her, and the fluid nature of sexuality in the music world. Speaking of inspirations, the discussion most certainly gets to stories about Greensky Bluegrass, Elephant Revival, The Infamous Stringdusters and other of Fruition's "Crazy Uncles and Aunts." She also expresses love for her own band's fans, which she calls the "Fruit'y Freaks." Seth and Rob then wrap up the show catching up the listeners on show news during one of the few times they were together last month. Speaking from a coffee shop in Black Mountain, NC they also discuss North Carolina in general, and specifically their day together there. The show ends with more Fruition music including Mimi and band mates Jay Cobb Anderson and Kellen Asebroek sitting in with Railroad Earth and performing Fruition's "Mountain Annie" at the idyllic Red Rocks.

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    Episode 62: Big (Something) & VooDoo (Visionary)

    Seth and Rob give a quick introduction to set the table for a collaborative interview with Mike Wilson of Voodoo Visionary and Nick MacDaniels of Big Something. Voodoo will be performing at the Big Something-hosted-and-curated Big What Festival the weekend after this episode is released. This conversation begins on common ground with a discussion of DJ Logic and Turkuaz as each band has collaborated with each of these artists. The quartet segues neatly into a discussion about selecting and working with producers and then Nick sheds light on the learning curve that goes along with throwing one's own festival and the importance of creating something special with a friendly atmosphere. Nick also opens up about losing his best friend, and one of the chief creative forces behind Big Something, Paul Interdonato....when things get a little heavy Mike steps up and talks about some of Voodoo's biggest non-musician influences. Each of them also speak about the support (and lack thereof) as well as some of their frustrations with local media in each of their markets. The musicians also share a "gig nightmare" story each, and they discuss some of their most recent material (including Nick elaborating on specific songs from their 2018 release The Otherside). Nick also reveals which verse of the brilliant "Sundown Nomad" was written by Mister, who will perform with Big Something at The Big What (Nick also waxes on some of his favorite collaborations over the years). Then we are all treated to solo versions of Big Something songs "UFO's Are Real" and "The Cave" from the 2017 release Tumbleweed delivered by the ever-gracious MacDaniels. Seth and Rob then wrap up the show with some musical world thoughts of their own, including reports about recent shows each has seen (Phish, Patti Griffin, Amanda Shires and others) and Rob's appearance on the Alpharetta version of the Osiris Phish Couch Report.

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    Checking In w/ Robert Walter

    A quick "Check In" w/ Robert Walter about his forthcoming album Spacesuit and an exclusive first listen to the track "Most Of All Of Us."

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