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    Episode 85: Lindsay Lou & Scotty Stoughton (WinterWonderGrass)

    This episode Seth and Rob celebrate WinterWonderGrass starting with a nice chat w/ veteran WWG performer Lindsay Lou. The show then goes into a deep conversation with Scotty Stoughton, the promoter, musician and music aficionado who created this festival and more!

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    Checking In: Kebbi Williams

    Kebbi Williams joined Seth and Rob in the Diamond Street Studios a few weeks before the 9th Annual Music In The Park festival.

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    Checking In: Show Update

    Seth and Rob update the listeners on some of the exciting things that are planned for this fall. For example, there are five releases scheduled for October alone.

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    Episode 83: Ronnie McCoury and Ziek McCarter (Con Brio)

    Seth and Rob update the listeners about some of their recent live music experiences throughout this episode, but the rest is a Seth Fest! Seth first interviews Ronnie McCoury and discusses his work with the legendary Del McCoury Band as well as his own The Travelin' McCourys outfit. They talk about Ronnie's son's 10-piece Jazz/Funk band, the new wave of bluegrass bands, the importance of being musically versatile and many other topics. Ronnie also speaks for the first time publicly about the tragic passing of Jeff Austin. Then Seth has a brief chat with Ziek McCarter of the lively soul/R+B/PsychRock band Con Brio. Ziek talks about how Con Brio is able to take its music across the globe. Ziek speaks of how having enthusiastic fans so far from home inspires them, how they can turn seated audiences into dancing ones, their tour with Galactic, how they keep the creative juices flowing and more. Con Brio will be releasing music and touring this fall with the groundbreaking Asian/American rapper, Lyrics Born.

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    Episode 82: Neal Casal (Circles Around The Sun) & Author Joel Cummins

    Neal Casal is an accomplished guitarist whose interesting career has led him from Blackfoot in the late 80s to the singer/songwriter world in the 90s to Ryan Adams in “The Oughts” and then onto Phil Lesh to his current adventurous band Circles Around The Sun. Seth and Rob spoke with him before Circles took the stage at the Terminal West in Atlanta. The conversation starts with a discussion about the unique way this band came together and how the members push each other to continue to reinvent the music in the spontaneous nature it was initially created. We the jump in “the wayback machine” and learn about how this New Jersey kid ended up being the lead guitarist of what many say is the best incarnation of Ryan Adams and The Cardinals. He also elaborates on the organic genesis of the band, Brotherhood (with Chris Robinson) and the raw beauty of the Hard-Working Americans (with Dave Schools and the ever-enigmatic Todd Snider). The show opens with a brief phone conversation featuring Joel Cummins of Umphrey’s McGee. We learn about his new and wildly informative book, “The Realist’s Guide To a Successful Music Career” which he wrote with author/entrepreneur Matt DeCoursey. Joel and Rob walk through just some of the many pieces of music career strategy wisdom that this book offers. It is a “must-read” for anyone seriously contemplating a dive into the business of music.

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    Episode 81 - Chad Stokes/Brad Corrigan (Dispatch) + Ben Ellman (Galactic)

    This episode features two separate interviews. The first of these is from when Rob and Seth sat down with Chadwick Stokes and Brad Corrigan of the wildly successful independent band Dispatch just before the band performed at the 2019 Candler Park Festival. Among the many topics discussed are their Boston farewell show which took place over a decade ago and reportedly drew over 150,000, as well as the strikingly raw documentary "The Last Dispatch" which thoroughly documents the build-up to this show and the show itself. The band has recently returned to regular touring and we learn some of the ways each has changed since the band went on hiatus. They also relate how difficult it was to reform the group when they learned that founding member Pete Francis Heimbold was not yet ready to resume the touring lifestyle. We also get a taste of how this fiercely independent band may have at one point come closer to joining a major label than many of its fans knows. The second interview finds Seth speaking with Galactic saxophone ace Ben Ellman. Ben talks about how his life has become more busy with his production work, and the fact that the band has taken on the honor of being the current caretakers of the legendary Tipitina's in New Orleans. Ben breaks down some of his producing work (particularly that with The Revivalists) and warns of the dangers of "Demo-itis." He also compares playing the baritone sax to playing tenor and speaks about the Walter Wolfman Washington solo release that he worked on (and shared the good news that they are apparently at work on another project). Seth and Rob also update each other on some of each of their own goings'-on, as they cut the segments for this episode after having not seen each other for two months.

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    Episode 80: Brandon “Taz” Niederauer

    Rob and Seth sit down with the ever-improving 16-year-old guitarist Brandon "Taz" Niederauer and learn how a performance at a Rock n Roll University event at a Mets game ultimately led Niederaurer to Ellen DeGeneres, Gregg Allman, Col. Bruce Hampton and other musical luminaries. Brandon speaks of his teammates in his current band, and about how he has stepped up his own songwriting to provide material for the nationally touring act. Brandon talks about how he still gives a great deal of time to his schoolwork and makes sure to maintain his oldest friendships - yet still manages to find "pockets of time" to work on his music. We learn of his hometown of Dix Hills on Long Island in New York, where John Coltrane once lived. Taz expresses surprise to learn that 50 Cent also used to live there. Brandon talks about how his experience at the Roots, Rock, Revival camp found him enjoying quality time with musicians like Butch Trucks and Oteil Burbridge. Brandon proudly talks about his days at the Broadway musical School Of Rock including auditioning for Andrew Lloyd Webber and the day Stevie Nicks visited and collaborated. He also raves about his moments on stage with BB King and Derek Trucks and talks about his days with Col. Bruce Hampton from when George Porter Jr. introduced them until the Col. began his journey to the next dimension at Niederauer's feet.

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    Episode 79: Bill Nershi of String Cheese Incident and Justin Levy

    We were very proud to be given the opportunity to interview Bill Nershi of String Cheese Incident, so even though Rob Turner was on assignment in New England, Seth Weiner was able to soldier on and do what is probably his best to-date solo interview (although we are all confused as to what "taking the realm" means). Bill and Seth wasted no time in comparing Fox's. They also spoke about how, like Railroad Earth's Tim Carbone, Bill is a Colorado transplant from New Jersey. Bill elaborates on this, the ever-growing "New Grass" (aka "Jam Grass") scene and how he went from being a fan of Del McCoury to becoming one of his peers. Nershi also speaks of how his days as an aspiring visual artist led to him creating the band's now-familiar "Pagan Swirl" artwork. He lets us into his thoughts about writing and performing with his wife Jill, Jim Lauderdale and Benny Burle Galloway and speaks of the importance of having a representative of the "lyric police" in the room. The joys of bringing forth new songs to the SCI repertoire, and dusting off old ones (SCI had just a short time before this interview performed the "40 Miles To Tulsa" chestnut for the first time in 20 or so years, and this performance is included at the end). Bill also throws some loved toward key people behind the scenes in the SCI family who plan and execute their most elaborate incidents, and gets a tad emotional when talking about his friend/neighbor Jeff Austin who had passed away shortly before this interview. Seth also speaks with Justin Levy of Conscious Alliance and they briefly discuss how his CA harnesses the energy and passion of the music world to feed hungry people of the wider world. Levy talks about how he found his way to serving others for a living, and gives examples of ways that Conscious Alliance encourages people to participate. The episode ends first with Turner talking about his experience traveling to Philadelphia for a weekend-long Bachelor's Party in celebration of his long-time friend Jefferson Waful (who is the Director of Video at CID Entertainment) and then with a soundboard recording of the aforementioned String Cheese Incident bustout rendition of "10 Miles To Tulsa."

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    Episode 78: Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio

    Seth and Rob huddle in a corner of Eddie's Attic with Delvon Lamarr, Jimmy James and Keith Laudieri. These three gentlemen make up the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio. We learn many things including how these musicians' considerable talent and the savvy of Delvon's manager/wife Amy Novo were each able to help lead the band's first cd Close But No Cigar to debut at an impressive #1 on the Contemporary Jazz Album Charts. This turned the "Soul Jazz" trio into an internationally touring act, and they remain one to this day. Delvon, who is a master of the Hammond B3, explains why he decided to become a frontman, how his past as a drummer influences his approach to his organ work, who his primary influences are and about how important maintaining a sense of melody is to his playing. Jimmie James talks about how his blues past shapes his playing, and about how his and Delvon's wide musical palette combines with a mutually adventurous approach to produce wild improvisation with great regularity. These great musicians also talk about their enormous popularity in Europe, and the jazz audiences there. Laudieri is a Texas drummer who that night would perform publicly with the Lamarr Trio for the first time. He spoke of how he met Delvon in Austin (Delvon and his wife have since relocated from Seattle to Austin) and about what it's like to join a trio in which the other two musicians know each other so well. We also learn of some very cool encounters these fellas had with Sharon Jones, Greg Errico and other amazing heroes of music.

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