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Inside Out with Turner and Seth (wTnS) Podcast.

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    Episode 92: Keller Williams

    This episode features the wildly versatile singer/songwriter/musician Keller Williams, who comes right out the gate with enthusiastic tales from his experiences with his family seeing theater on Broadway.

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    Rare Spontaneous Check In w/ Rob and Seth

    Rob and Seth emerge and explain recent show delays, talk about recent Railroad Earth and Keller Williams interviews. Oh, and Rob waxes poetic about his first Grateful Dead New Years Run just under, yes, 4 decades ago!

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    Episode 87: John Medeski + Billy Cobham

    The majority of this episode features Seth and Rob chatting with the eclectic ace of the keyboards John Medeski about everything from his high school days playing with Jaco Pastorius, to his current days playing in the adventurous Mad Skillet. John talks about why his landmark organ trio Medeski, Martin and Wood's initial choice to hit the road in the 90s was a bold one at the time, and what has motivated him to continue to push the envelope in all of his acts over the years. Medeski shares memories about exploring boundless musical terrain with John Zorn, what was unique about playing with Jack Bruce (beyond how he made ceilings crumble) and of course Col. Bruce Hampton. He also talks in detail about his approach to composition and improvisation, his work with The Wood Brothers and the future of Medeski, Martin and Wood. This episode also contains the first little window into Rob's recent interview with the iconic jazz and fusion drummer Billy Cobham. Cobham here relates some of his experiences with The Grateful Dead. Cobham gets his own episode soon during which he will talk about his entire career, particularly his recently released "Time Lapse Photos (The Crosswinds Project)."

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    Episode 86: Mental Health with Nuci's Space, Anders Osborne and Andy Frasco

    Mental health is a difficult topic, but it is important that it not be an ignored one. There are many musicians (and people in general) dealing with brain disorders, and in this episode we celebrate Nuci's Space. Seth and Rob hope with this episode to shine a light on how Nuci's Space provides a culture free of stigma for anyone who is struggling with mental health issues.

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    Episode 85: Lindsay Lou & Scotty Stoughton (WinterWonderGrass)

    This episode Seth and Rob celebrate WinterWonderGrass starting with a nice chat w/ veteran WWG performer Lindsay Lou. The show then goes into a deep conversation with Scotty Stoughton, the promoter, musician and music aficionado who created this festival and more!

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