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    Episode 68: Jake Cinninger

    Seth and Rob sit down with Jake Cinninger of Umphrey's McGee backstage at The Tabernacle during the band's recent four night New Year's run. Jake sits with guitar in hand and talks about the creation and influences of many Umphrey's McGee compositions. His reflections on the band's fantastic year lead to an interesting discussion of how the Umphrey's collaboration with drummer, Jason Bonham unfolded (and how Van Halen served as a bonding force). Jake also talks about how the band's improvisational approach has evolved in recent years, and offers specific examples of this. Jake talks about his "Live From Boondocks Studio" series and expresses an interest in doing more of them, and to record some of the hundreds of songs he has archived there. Jake talks about his love of, and history with country music, and specifically Sturgill Simpson, and how he would love to become a bridge between the country music and Umphrey's McGee world. Cinninger also talks about how the recent sit in with "American Treasure" Larry Keel came together and the chances of that collaboration happening again. Jake demonstrates his "muppet character guitar" abilities, demonstrating some unique elements of the work of guitarists Mark Knopfler, Albert King, Chet Atkins, Robert Fripp and Joe Pass as well as artists like Lamb of God, Van Halen, Mastodon, Thin Lizzy and Fripp's King Crimson. Jake takes a stab at a "progressive country" song, debuts the framework of a potential future Umphrey's song and even mentions quantum physics during this chat. Jake also talks about how his experience as a drummer influenced his writing, about performance and writing insight he tries to impart as a teacher and he demonstrates on guitar how the usage of "tension notes" can punch up a composition. Seth and Rob offer a quick wrap-up which includes Rob's observation that two different fellow Osiris Podcast Network teammates had each recently delivered stories about Bruce Springsteen. Seth then talks about his forthcoming destination events, and he will report back on those in future episodes.

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    Tweener I - Umphrey's McGee Atlanta New Year's 2019

    Rob walks Seth through a set-by-set recap of the Umphrey's McGee four night 2018-19 New Year's eve run at The Tabernacle in Atlanta. Sara Jachimiak of the Umphreak Parent's Podcast ( calls in to give her review of the intimate "ViP" set which occured the afternoon of December 29th. She also talks about her own Umph-centric show, and she gives her five favorite moments of this run. If you want recordings of this run go to, and if you would like more examples of Seth and Rob focusing on Umphrey's McGee - check out the Brendan Bayliss episodes (part one - part two - and the episode with their outstanding front-of-house sound engineer, Chris Mitchell (

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    Episode 67: Billy Strings

    Seth and Rob had an opportunity to sit down with a young man who is setting on fire the traditional music-flavored wing of the jamband world, Billy Strings. The hosts in advance of the interview discuss Billy and his touring band, and then throw to the interview - conducted backstage at Terminal West just before Billy and his band performed there (all of the LIVE music you hear in the episode is from the Billy Strings show that night). Billy first picked up the guitar at the age of 4, and we learn about some of the many things that influenced him....his father......legendary musicians from Mac Wiseman to metal.....a powerful DMT trip....and the way he these days is positioning himself in anticipation of spending the majority of the next few years playing music around the world. Billy proudly relates how his father would sit him down and enthusiastically educate him on various artists, and Billy gets emotional as he relates a story about a night in Ohio when he got to return the favor and introduce his father to one of those artists, David Grisman. Billy tells of how this led to him and his father jamming with David and Del McCoury. Billy is clearly wise beyond his years, and we learn about how he more focused on keeping his career moving in the right direction than in the party which can surround the world of a touring musician - prioritizing his career even to more of an extent than many veteran musicians. He at this point in his life would rather feed his mind with a good documentary than his head with intoxicants. Billy talks about some of the decision points and inspirations behind his brilliant most recent cd, Turmoil and Tinfoil. Billy speaks about one of the many lessons he has learned while playing which forever changed his approach - this one delivered by Sam Bush without Sam saying a word. We also find out about how years later Sam himself brought forth his own similar story after Billy told him of this treasured learning moment. Billy then plays three songs exclusively for you, the InsideOut wTnS listener. The episode ends with Seth talking about Closer To The Sun and Rob relating some of his experiences seeing the quintet Max Creek in Rhode Island and Thom Yorke in Brooklyn. Then Jon Stickley offers some thoughts on Billy Strings, and a quick cover of one of Billy's funnier compositions, and the episode ends with the jam-licious pair of songs which ended of the first set from the same night as this interview.

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    Episode 66: Stanley Clarke

    Seth and Rob set the table with a talk about Stanley Clarke and all of the musicians he has worked with over the years. Clarke is an innovative jazz-and-beyond bassist who even had a bit of hit with the title track of his Stanley Clarke Band record, “School Days” in the 70s, and with the landmark fusion band, Return To Forever. We learn about when the now-iconic “School Days” bass line came to Stanley, and about how RTF-band-mate Chick Corea convinced Stanley to start writing years before that. Stanley elaborates on the importance of Art Blakey, and about how Clarke was so moved by John Coltrane that he at one point even seriously considered ditching his bass to play sax. Stanley also talks about his recent work with the Smithsonian, how he chose to play Alembic bass. and the great honor recently bestowed upon him by the Montreal Jazz Festival. Stanley very much continues to make amazing music today, and the genesis and ethos of his poignant 2018 release, The Message is discussed. Stanley benefits from the compositional and performance talents of some incredible young musicians on this record, many of which are discussed including Cameron Graves (a founding member of West Coast Get Down) and Beka Gochiashvili (who was discovered by Condoleeza Rice in Georgia, the former Soviet republic). Perhaps best of all for some, Stanley shares some memories about jazz pioneer, Charles Mingus. Before the episode ends Seth shares his experiences at the Hulaween Festival in Florida, and Rob talks about seeing Bob Dylan in North Carolina and Bob Weir and The Wolf Brothers in Tennessee.

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    Great PeaTAUK

    A special episode featuring the music of Great Peacock and TAUK.

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    Episode 65: Salmon Dusters

    Seth and Rob welcome new sponsor Ben and Jerry's, and announce their new "It's Ice......Cream" flavor which was produced together with Phish and The Waterwheel Foundation. The hosts then set the context for this "hybrid" interview/performance episode which was conducted before the Leftover Salmon/Infamous Stringdusters/Horseshoes and Hand Grenades delivered a memorably mammoth Atlanta show. All of the music from this episode (aside from the two songs this quartet played after the interview) was recorded that night (9.21.18) and is available at Drew Emmitt and Andy Thorn of Salmon, as well as Andy Hall and Travis Book of the Stringdusters sat down with Rob and Seth all at once. The discussion started with a "compare and contrast" view of each group's most recent releases and the similar and different ways each approached composing and recording the songs. It is revealed that each of these bands is so cohesive at this point that they are able to focus their creative energy appropriately and decisions are made naturally. The Stringdusters pair is very forthcoming about what an inspiration Leftover Salmon was, and remains to be to them, and other trad/jamband groups. They also elaborate on the "vibe'y" and bizarre house at which they stayed in King of Prussia, PA while recording their forthcoming Stringdusters record. We get specific descriptions of, and stories about the genesis of the Infamous Stringdusters in Boston, and North Carolina - where Thorn as well as John Stickley factored in considerably...and onto Colorado. Finally, we learn about how Andy Thorn found himself first in Emmitt/Nershi Band, and then in Leftover Salmon whom he had seen many times. Bennie "Burle" Galloway is discussed and we learn how each musician gained some songwriting insight from Burle, and we even get examples of some of the unique ways he puts songs together. Each musician tells their nightmare gig story, and then the band performs as what we are calling the "SalmonDusters Quartet." The songs performed are "Blue Yodel #4" by Bill Monroe and Galloway's "How Far I'd Fall For You." The hosts then close the show first with a discussion about how happy they are that Mike Finoia and his Amigos Podcast have each joined the Osiris Family. They also fill the listeners in on a few other things including the David Byrne show they each saw at Atlanta's Fox Theater and Rob's experience at one of Neil Young's Capitol Theater gigs. The episode ends with a soundboard recording of the Colonel Bruce Hampton Tribute encore the night of this interview. Jeff Mosier and all of the members of Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades and Infamous Stringdusters on stage Leftover Salmon and performing "Little Georgia Rose" and "Workin' On A Building" and Vince Herman referencing, "Cheese Frog."

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    Osiris Interview Series - Matt Butler

    In part of wTnS's Electric Forest festival coverage for the Osiris Podcast Network, Rob and Seth sit down for a look into the world of Matt Butler and his Everyone Orchestra!

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    Episode 64: Uilses Bella and Justin Poree of Ozomotli

    A discussion about Ozomatli's Embrace The Chaos leads hosts Seth and Rob to relate some of their memories of the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy as this excellent record was released on this day. Social media recently revealed that Ozomatli performances in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 served as vital and joyous therapy for many who attended. Seth's son Darral joins for the first part of the interview with Ulises Bella and Justin Poree of Ozomatli, as the band had just finished the most recent Atlanta "Ozokidz" performance. Darral lends a child's perspective with his questions about this widely celebrated, audience participation-heavy series. The band's bassist, and self-proclaimed Darral fan Wil-Dog Abers also joins in the fun spontaneously to field a couple of questions. We learn not only about the revelry that goes on with regard to these events, but also how Ozokidz is in part a reflection of the band's genesis in music education and outreach programs in southern California public schools. The main portion of the interview begins with a discussion of the band's most recent release, Non-Stop: Mexico to Jamaica. We learn how the band decided to take classic and/or traditional Mexican songs and adorn them with roots'y vibes and Jamaican rhythms, and how they ended up working with Sly and Robbie. The chat makes its way to other musical artists, particularly Los Lobos, Santana, Rage Against The Machine and Ghostland Observatory, The band's frightening experiences at the 2000 Democratic National Convention, and another time when members were arrested in Austin are also each covered, as is their love for, and association with the Los Angeles Dodgers. The conversation even floats into the realm of politics for a bit, and how the band's is often inaccurately reduced to being nothing more than a, "political band."

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    Checking In w/ Jennifer Hartswick

    A very special episode featuring a quick Check In w/ Jennifer Hartswisk and an exclusive first listen to a track off her new album Nexus. This is the latest solo release from the Trey Anastasio Band trumpeter/vocalist and features contributions from 6-time Grammy Award-winning jazz bassist Christian McBride as well as longtime musical partner Nick Cassarino (The Nth Power).

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