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    Episode 52: Anders Beck Part 2 (Greensky Bluegrass)

    Hosts Seth & Rob begin this episode by discussing Benny "Burle" Galloway, a guest alongside Anders Beck at the next Inside Out wTnS Live event at City Winery in Atlanta, GA on 3/28/18. The two then resume their interview with Anders, where he discusses a pivotal Leftover Salmon show for him, and his first discovery of the dobro at Telluride Bluegrass Festival. The three then go on to discuss the early development of Wayward Sons. Anders goes on to discuss how he and Paul Hoffman met Nathan Moore at "The Spot" on Jam Cruise and also collaborating with Phil Lesh. The interview concludes with Anders discussing the philanthropic circle of his friends and family, which is a true treat.

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    Episode 51: Anders Beck Part 1 (Greensky Bluegrass)

    To celebrate the Osiris Pod debut and team, Rob & Seth release a two part interview with Anders Beck of Greensky Bluegrass, from the band's sold-out debut performance at the historical Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA.

    Part 1 sees Anders discuss the band's early playing days in Atlanta at Smith's Olde Bar where Mike Gordon showed up, sharing Phish fandom with the hosts, and then going on to discuss how much effort GSBG puts on their nightly setlists. He also goes on to discuss the ever-lasting impression that Leftover Salmon made on Greensky Bluegrass and also Anders himself at an early time in their career. Be sure to listen to part two!

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    Episode 50: In'y Out'y Awards

    InsideOut wTnS debuts on the Osiris Podcast Network (OSIRISPOD.COM) with an "Awards-show" style 50th episode. Hosts Rob Turner and Seth Weiner play and discuss four categories of clips. After a "Best Reveal" start, the hosts in typical fashion choose to poke fun at themselves with the remaining categories - "Worst Interruption," "Worst Question," and "Worst Reveal." Amidst these categories are four "Best" performances from previous episodes which feature exclusive live songs from Sam Bush, Randall Bramblett and Kevn Kinney as well as an episode-closing one from Geoff Achison. The other categories feature portions of previous episodes with our all-star cast of guests.

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    Episode 49 - Jeff Franca (Thievery Corporation/Congo Sanchez)

    This episode begins with a fortuitously-timed incoming phone call from Robert Polay, the founding partner of this podcast's first formal sponsor Polay + Clark. Seth shares his ideas for their new company slogan and Polay approves. Then Rob and Seth chat with Jeff Franca of Thievery Corporation before that band's recent performance at The Tabernacle (Atlanta, GA). They first talk about his other band, Congo Sanchez. Franca speaks of how the death of his brother, and the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine inspired the band's thematic debut album, We learn the extent to which improvisation plays into this band's work in the studio and live. Rob then asks about Thievery's gloriously bossa nova-flavored 2014 release Saudade, and their roots-dub-dance hall reggae-focused 2017 release The Temple of I and I. Then we learn how the Clifton, Virginia product (who was for a time an "orchestra dork and even performed at the Kennedy Center) ultimately found artists like Fugazi and the music world which surrounded the legendary 18th Street Lounge, the latter of which escorted him into the world of Thievery Corporation. We also find out that on this night there were some changes made in Thievery's live act, how much the band improvises and areas into which he would love to see the band dive in the future. Franca expounds on many other topics, including the oxymoron that is "rhythmic imperfection," how Haitian and Cuban music influenced him and how he and other band members talked Thievery into committing to, and then executed their sets of Grateful Dead music. Then Rob talks about his return to writing and Seth reports back from his experience as a couple of destination concerts and the 2017 season of Inside Out wTnS comes to a close. wTnS is Produced by Rob Turner, with this episode produced by both he and Seth Weiner, and Engineered by Josh Thane of Wonder Dog Sounds Studio. wTnS Sponsor: Polay + Clark 21st Century Accounting (Don't wait till April and get fucked, get Polayed) Inside Out w/ Turner and Seth: Twitter: @InsideoutWTNS Instagram: Facebook:

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    Checking In - Jefferson Waful Update

    Rob and Seth call Jefferson Waful to ask him about the recent commentary piece produced by Luke Stratton of The Light Side podcast. Stratton and Waful offered a fascinating window into Waful’s lighting process in general, and specifically incorporating video elements during Umphrey’s McGee’s recent show at The Capitol Theater, and some key points are explored further. They also ask him about his decision to finally incorporate some lasers into the Umphrey’s McGee show, which occurred during the band’s New Year’s run at The Fillmore in Denver, CO. They also manage to annoy him by the end. Is great fun. Give it a listen. ::::::RAW AUDIO:::::: This episode is in raw format with no sound edits. Please excuse the levels. Inside Out w/ Turner and Seth: Twitter: @InsideoutWTNS Instagram: Facebook:

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    Tweener G - Al Brownie (moe. and The Disco Biscuits)

    It all started with Rob’s idea to have Marc Brownstein on for the intro for the Jeff Franco (of Thievery Corporation) episode. “Brownie” is not only a BIG fan of Thievery Corporation, but his band The Disco Biscuits has hosted them at their annual Camp Bisco Festival. Being in the spirit of the holidays and having just spoken about health recovery of moe.’s bassist Rob Derhak beating cancer, Seth thought it might be funny to call Al Schnier and have Al pretend to be Rob Turner during the chat with Brownie. What ensued went well enough to become it’s own episode. Amidst the fun, many topics were discussed including how this year’s approach to their New Years setlists was much different than years past and Al talking about getting back together with his moe. band mates and much, much more… wTnS is Produced by Rob Turner, with this episode produced by Seth Weiner, and Engineered by Josh Thane of Wonder Dog Sounds Studio. Inside Out w/ Turner and Seth: Twitter: @InsideoutWTNS Instagram: Facebook:

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    Episode 48 - The Infamous Stringdusters (Chris Pandolfi and Andy Falco)

    After a brief music chat, Seth and Rob sit down with Andy Falco and Chris Pandolfi of the Infamous Stringdusters before The Dusters’ Atlanta show this past fall and confer on this fantastic band. Since this interview, The Stringdusters band has been nominated for a Grammy for its Laws Of Gravity release - which is also the initial topic here. The band talks about this record represents a back-to-the-core coalescence of the its previous releases and approaches. They discuss their thoughts behind the choice to wait for new songs to be released before performing them. Other decision points are analyzed, like those behind sharing songwriting credits amongst each other and efforts to make sure each member’s musical voice is heard equally on each release and/or performance. The hosts and guests acknowledge the varying parameters of bluegrass, and the extent to which The Stringdusters feel compelled to adhere to them. We learn the importance of capturing the “expression factor” of each player, and how the lyrical and historical context of each song ultimately informs the performance. A discussion about the band’s Ladies and Gentlemen release leads to Nicki Bluhm. Nicki hooked the band up with Ryan Adams, and these two Dusters share some Ryan stories including how they prepared for the tour, their first performance with him, a spontaneous Black Sabbath cover, how Ryan “went to bat” for them on Colbert and some funny Ryan crowd interactions. Before Chris had to depart he discussed his thoughts behind his famous “Bluegrass Manifesto,” and how it attracted the ire of many bluegrass purists. Chris acknowledges that he was inspired by Bela Fleck to play bluegrass in the first place, and he denies that the “infamous” part of the band’s name was by design. When the focus shifts to Andy, we find out that he was in many New York bands including the Water Street Blues Band. He talks about how David Bromberg and Buddy Merriam stoked the fire of his interest in acoustic music, and how Merriam essentially taught him how to play bluegrass. We find out how Andy ended up meeting the Stringdusters’ guys and how he found his way in the band. Andy also shares some of his Stringdusters experiences, including the preparation for and execution of their Lockn set with Page McConnell and Phil Lesh. Then Seth and Rob take us home with a conversation of their own which starts with a discussion of the interview and then many music topics including the Dead and Company show the hosts had seen together just before completing this episode. wTnS is Produced by Rob Turner and Engineered by Josh Thane of Wonder Dog Sounds Studio. Inside Out w/ Turner and Seth: Twitter: @InsideoutWTNS Instagram: Facebook:

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    Episode 47 - Brock Butler

    Rob and Seth sit down with Brock Butler of Perpetual Groove and discuss the ways he has post-hiatus been easing his way back into the band's world while still trying to "clean up and tighten up" his life after suffering from addiction. After an exploration of the band's new songwriting process and its near future, we go back to the PGroove roots in Savannah 20 years ago. We learn about how the initial line-up came about at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and how that lineup would morph into the classic Perpetual Groove line-up. We learn how they didn't even play a note before what would have been their first gig was shut down. We find out that half of the band was active military in the group's early days. Brock's view of the evolution the band's career is also explored. We get a window into the process behind the writing of Perpetual Groove favorites including, "Three Weeks," perhaps their most well-known original. We learn specific ways in which David Gilmour and Steve Kimock were influences. We find out that he was still "using" while working on the band's "Heal" cd. Toward the end of the interview, the trio talks a good bit about addiction, how low Brock got and how he found his way out. wTnS is Produced by Rob Turner and Engineered by Josh Thane of Wonder Dog Sounds Studio. This episode was engineered by wTnS Intern Nathaniel Roberts. Inside Out w/ Turner and Seth: Twitter: @InsideoutWTNS Instagram: Facebook:

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    Episode 46 - Vince Herman

    Seth and Rob start the show by hinting at exciting podcast developments which they discuss in more depth during the post-interview portion of the episode. The duo sat down with with founding member and frontman of Leftover Salmon Vince Herman in honor of the much anticipated Leftover Salmon’s acoustic fall tour and their chat provides the bulk of this episode. The cozy confines of the Hunt House in Marietta, Georgia provide an ideal setting as Herman talks about how his eclectic musical taste grew out of his teenage experiences at the weeks-long multiple genre annual musician-interactive-heavy Augusta Heritage Festival in Elkins, West Virginia. Herman ultimately moved from a chilly West Virginia attic to the acoustic music promised land of Colorado and he came across a notice for a Left-Hand String Band show literally upon arrival. Left-Hand String Band and Herman’s eventual own band Salmon Heads would eventually give birth to Leftover Salmon. Vince talks about mandolin-toting football moves with David Grisman, the mythology of Peter Rowan, how having Jeff Sipe and Billy Payne in tow impacted LoS, how Waylon Jennings always hated country music and he even tells a harrowing David Allen Coe story. We learn how Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and David Bromberg were the main inspirations for the initial Leftover Salmon ethos, and how they, with John Bell recorded (in one take) a song Bromberg had taught Vince. We learn about the similarities between founding member Mark Vann and the banjo player who replaced him Andy Thorn and what LoS did the time Neil Young wandered onto their stage. A discussion about the tour with his son Silas which brought him to Hunt House ensues and we find out that this “Herman Original” was initially pretty much compelled by friends to pursue music, and how Georgia music-lovers had been impressed by him. Herman also discusses how Ralph Roddenbery specifically, and the Metro Atlanta music scene in general provided many highlights of his tour with his son. This podcast also once again offers the genesis of yet another eventual JamCruise activity, “Chemical Experiments with Mr. Wizard,” and Herman gives some hints toward the true significance of Mayor McCheese. Then a discussion about parallel universes serves as an ideal prelude to an, at times heavy discussion about Col. Bruce Hampton and his final performance. wTnS is Produced by Rob Turner and Engineered by Josh Thane of Wonder Dog Sounds Studio. This episode was engineered by wTnS Intern Nathaniel Roberts. Inside Out w/ Turner and Seth: Twitter: @InsideoutWTNS Instagram: Facebook:

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    Episode 45 - Joel Cummins and Andy Farag (Umphrey's McGee)

    Seth and Rob go backstage at Chastain Park Amphitheater where the hosts sat down with Andy Farag (percussion) and Joel Cummins (keyboards/vocals) of Umphrey’s McGee and discuss future Halloween’s and how sharing a five-bedroom Chicago apartment while recording their latest album ("it's not us." due out in January 2018) allowed the band to “live and breathe Umphrey’s music” while they recorded. We get a window into the creative process including how a piece of the song “Educated Guess” ended up on, “Similar Skin.” The musicians take us back to pre-Umphrey’s days, how they met, the significance of the band Stomper Bob and Andy’s Father. We learn about the near-demise of Umphrey’s when original drummer Mike Mirro informed the band he was leaving, and then about how the band was reenergized and refocused when drummer Kris Myers joined, and how Myers, in turn, influenced some of their arrangements. Joel discusses how key their attentive fan base is to the process of how certain sections of improv go from being “Repeated Stews” to becoming composed songs, and how he “found his way” in a guitar-heavy band, and “setlist probation.” Andy talks about how Giovanni Hidalgo and Eric Bobo inspired him and how he benefits from Jake’s percussive approach to guitar. Perhaps best of all we get window into the thought process behind “on the fly” setlist decisions and the story behind their collaboration with Aaron “Gene Ween” Freeman and how explained his previous “some Umphrey’s McGee Bullshit” comment to the band. wTnS is Produced by Rob Turner and Engineered by Josh Thane of Wonder Dog Sounds Studio. Inside Out w/ Turner and Seth: Twitter: @InsideoutWTNS Instagram: Facebook:

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