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    Episode 57: Erick 'Jesus' Coomes of Lettuce Pt. 2

    This contains the conclusion of Seth and Rob’s chat with Erick “Jesus” Coomes of Lettuce. Coomes talks about the band’s decision to incorporate lasers and even “gets all Kanye” on the hosts at one point. The boys finally jump into the wayback machine and talk about Coomes’ father who was a hugely influential Christian Rock musician and producer who eventually wound up working with legendary musicians like Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston. We learn about specific experiences Erick and his brother, the accomplished producer/drummer Tyler “Tycoon” Coomes had watching their father work which would greatly impact each of their lives. Adam “Shmeeans” Smirnoff crashes the party and talks about the importance of bringing your best every time you step on the stage, and what it’s like being a new parent while being a member in a full-time touring band. When the focus returns to Coomes, he talks about how his father arranged for a young Erick to be treated to private lessons with legendary bassist John Patitucci. Time forces us to skip forward, but we learn how Jesus found Anthony Hamilton and how that would in turn change his and his brother’s life. Jesus gets candid about how a tip from a friend would ultimately lead to him working with Eminem, Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent. We even get a tiny window into the great Dr. Dre’s creative process, and the power of his two words “keep practicing.” We also learn about some of the workings behind the 2013 Hip/hop Bonnaroo SuperJam with DJ Jazzy Jeff, Method Man, Redman, Ghostface Killah, Wu-Tang Clan and others. Rob and Seth encourage Erick to get Lettuce to record with hip/hop artists in the future. Before bringing the episode to a close, Rob Turner reads the tweets that caused David Crosby to block him. Was this deserved? Email us at and give YOUR opinion.

    Music used for this episode as inspiration and also speaking points can be found on a Spotify playlist here

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    Episode 56: Erick 'Jesus' Coomes of Lettuce

    Rob and Seth return to the "Inside Out wTns Room" at the Variety Playhouse to chat with Erick "Jesus" Coomes of Lettuce. First, Erick "Benny" Bloom joins the hosts during the introduction for a brief chat which includes a discussion of the band's adventurous release focusing on material associated with Miles Davis, "Witches Brew." Then Jesus sits down and discusses songwriting, shopping his songs to other artists, the power of meditation and synchronistic events. He uses a session with Mike Posner in Telluride to exemplify how meditation can impact songwriting. Jesus also gives a window into the preparation for and execution of their collaborations with John Scofield and the band's Berklee buddy Jeff Lockhart. He talks about the band's upcoming "Don't Lett Go: Tribute To JGB" set at Lockn and how it will also extend to the material of other Garcia Bands. He goes on to tell how the band has benefited and changed as a result of its members having more time to make it their top priority in the last few years. The new Lettuce song (listed on live recordings as) "House U" also gets discussed and a full version of it appears on the end of the episode after Seth and Rob give a brief review of recent Atlanta shows each has seen.

    Music used for this episode as inspiration and also speaking points can be found on a Spotify playlist here

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    Tribute to Col. Bruce Hampton Part 2

    Rob and Seth revisit their interviews from backstage at the Hampton70 concert at the Fox Theatre May 1, 2017 to continue to tell the story of the truly mystical Colonel Bruce Hampton. Bruce was honored that night by a stunning array of musicians, and then he "achieved his grease." The hosts first update the listeners on recent developments regarding the decidedly "Colonelesque" Fox Theatre Institute, the organization for which money was raised on this night. Then they play an interview with Adina Erwin, vice president and COO of the Fox Theatre, who explains the origins and goals of this charitable organization which reaches out and assists historic theaters throughout the state of Georgia. The Colonel loved the work the institute is doing and everyone associated with this podcast continues to love it as well. Then we hear Kevin Scott, Oliver Wood, Kevn Kinney and Peter Buck each offer thoughts on Col. Bruce on the day of the Hampton 70 event. The episode ends with Colonel-centric clips from more recent chats with Vince Herman and Johnny Knapp. We all here at the Inside Out wTnS podcast love and miss The Colonel and try to live our lives in his spirit as much as we can. We also, as Rev. Jeff Mosier says, "choose gratitude."

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    Episode 55: Dave Watts (The Motet)

    Seth updates the listeners with regard to this podcast's presence at SweetWater 420Fest which takes place the weekend after the release of this episode. Rob relates how he experienced the results of very positive and very negative staff behavior at two excellent recent shows he saw (Yo La Tengo, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe). In the minutes between, they chat with the drummer from The Motet, Shockra and Katharsis, Dave Watts. Dave talks about how a couple of years ago singer Jans Inger left The Motet while it was at the highest to-that-date level of popularity. Undaunted, the band would hit the ground running. Not only did they find a great singer and showman, but also an ideal lyricist named Lyle Divinsky. The band slaughtered with the new material at Red Rocks last year to such an extent that they officially released the performance. The Motet is now enjoying the highest levels of popularity of its career. We also learn of Dave's early Boston days playing in the band Shockra (who recently reunited). Shockra was a hugely popular band, and Dave talks of the "notorious" parties at their band house in Newton and how they ran in the same circles as did a young Phish (who once let him use their treasured mailing list) and G. Love. We hear of how he "got his butt kicked" at his first-ever jazz gig at the legendary Wally's Cafe. We learn about why he decided to move to Colorado, and the way he assimilated into the Colorado music world. He reveals that Mushroom Beer deserves an assist with regard to the initial formation of The Motet.

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    Episode 54: Jerry Joseph

    Seth and Rob first discuss the various events this podcast will take part in during the upcoming SweetWater 420 Music Festival in Atlanta. Then the focus turns onto Jerry Joseph as we hear an interview recorded at David Barbe's Athens studio during Jerry's first days recording with a brand new band full of songwriters. Jerry is an accomplished singer, front man and lyricist and the founding member of Little Women, The Jackmormons, Stockholm Syndrome (which featured Dave Schools of the band that has greatly benefited from Jerry's songwriting, Widespread Panic) and this current project which is for now called Interstellar Boys. Jerry talks about how it has been a tad rare for him to play off of another guitar since his early Little Women days despite the fact that dual guitar has over the years served his music quite well. Then we learn how he began his world travels as a way to provide a actual adventure for his loyal fans. Over time this morphed into him becoming an even more extremely conscious international citizen himself. He has done great work in Nicaragua, Afghanistan and Iraq among other places. He even lost a Tel Aviv gig once because, "war broke out." Despite hating the actual word "empowerment," Joseph relates how he in fact helps to empower children by fearlessly traveling to war zones to provide equipment, share his music, encourage their music and teach guitar. Jerry's song "Giraffe" gets analyzed and then the trio hops into the "Wayback Machine" and Jerry relates how Ricky Nelson was pretty much how Jerry would initially find music and how he developed as a performer and how music helped him get through some very difficult times particularly during his days in New Zealand (Seth speculates with regard to what New Zealand's "Shalom" is. We also hear Jerry give a strikingly candid assessment with regard to how he has handled his own anger over the years and about the extent to which he views his own career as a success versus a failure.

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    Tweener H: Inside Out wTnS Live w/ DJ Logic, Steve Lopez & Voodoo Visionary

    Episode 54 begins with Seth and Rob giving their thanks, discussing a new partnership with Osiris Podcast Network and CashOrTrade.Org and then they move on to discuss our upcoming live event on March 28, 2018 at City Winery Atlanta. Then they revisit their most recent live event which was at City Winery last fall. We hear their live interviews from that night featuring Steve Lopez (Tour Manager of Widespread Panic and others) and also DJ Logic, where Rob & Seth ask about his early childhood music influences and go on to discuss his newest endeavor, named Project Logic. Seth and Rob also provide some of their memories from that night. Listeners unfamiliar with our live events will get a taste of Seth’s auctioneering skills and also have the opportunity to listen to the beautiful sounds of VooDoo Visionary with DJ Logic and many other guests, including Joe Marcinek, Heather Gillis, Donna Hopkins, Ruby Velle, Jim Loughlin and many more. Tune in today to get a feel for our live event and we hope to see you out at our next one, on Wednesday March 28 at City Winery in Atlanta, GA!

    To listen to the whole VooDoo Visionary & Friends featuring DJ Logic show (FOR FREE), click here!

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    Episode 53: Adam Deitch of Lettuce & Break Science

    Seth and Rob begin this episode by calling Adam's father, Bobby Deitch, to discuss his own musical history and it's relation to his accomplished son. The discussion with Adam then begins, by comparing and contrasting his work with Break Science and Lettuce and then segues into his new jazz quartet. Deitch goes on to discuss the levels of hip hop influence in both his drumming and producing careers and also how bands such as Greyboy Allstars and Galactic paved the way for Lettuce. Talks continue with Adam focusing on the importance of music in his childhood home, the plethora of musicians he met at Berklee School of Music and how much of his career is owed to Eric Krasno.

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    Episode 52: Anders Beck Part 2 (Greensky Bluegrass)

    Hosts Seth & Rob begin this episode by discussing Benny "Burle" Galloway, a guest alongside Anders Beck at the next Inside Out wTnS Live event at City Winery in Atlanta, GA on 3/28/18. The two then resume their interview with Anders, where he discusses a pivotal Leftover Salmon show for him, and his first discovery of the dobro at Telluride Bluegrass Festival. The three then go on to discuss the early development of Wayward Sons. Anders goes on to discuss how he and Paul Hoffman met Nathan Moore at "The Spot" on Jam Cruise and also collaborating with Phil Lesh. The interview concludes with Anders discussing the philanthropic circle of his friends and family, which is a true treat.

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    Episode 51: Anders Beck Part 1 (Greensky Bluegrass)

    To celebrate the Osiris Pod debut and team, Rob & Seth release a two part interview with Anders Beck of Greensky Bluegrass, from the band's sold-out debut performance at the historical Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA.

    Part 1 sees Anders discuss the band's early playing days in Atlanta at Smith's Olde Bar where Mike Gordon showed up, sharing Phish fandom with the hosts, and then going on to discuss how much effort GSBG puts on their nightly setlists. He also goes on to discuss the ever-lasting impression that Leftover Salmon made on Greensky Bluegrass and also Anders himself at an early time in their career. Be sure to listen to part two!

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    Episode 50: In'y Out'y Awards

    InsideOut wTnS debuts on the Osiris Podcast Network (OSIRISPOD.COM) with an "Awards-show" style 50th episode. Hosts Rob Turner and Seth Weiner play and discuss four categories of clips. After a "Best Reveal" start, the hosts in typical fashion choose to poke fun at themselves with the remaining categories - "Worst Interruption," "Worst Question," and "Worst Reveal." Amidst these categories are four "Best" performances from previous episodes which feature exclusive live songs from Sam Bush, Randall Bramblett and Kevn Kinney as well as an episode-closing one from Geoff Achison. The other categories feature portions of previous episodes with our all-star cast of guests.

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